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Smart Homes: What They Are And Why You Should Invest In Them

Recent research has found that close to 31 billion global devices will have internet connectivity capabilities by the year 2020, and that includes real estate technology. Individuals are increasingly connecting their homes to the internet and their smartphones for more efficiency and built-in tech options are popular solutions. The world’s greatest tech giants from Google to Amazon have already seen the potential in creating residential home-based tech and more companies are following suit.

Real Estate Investors Take Note – These 4 Trends Can Increase Your Project’s Value in 2020

As the new year approaches, home design trends and buyer-wants are evolving. Many of the trends found in 2019 are making way for new styles and tastes as millennials become the dominating demographic of buyers. Real estate investors take note – the most influential interior trends of 2020 are focused on creating warm, richer spaces with more classic touches, and you should consider how to put these trends to work in your own properties and find buyers faster.

Real Estate Investing In 2020 and Beyond – A Look Inside Home Buyers and Sellers Minds

By the end of this year, millennials will number 73 million, a number larger than any other living adult population. It’s this generation that is expected to be the biggest driving force pushing the housing market forward in 2020. Large groups of millennials entering the market are now either purchasing their first home or trading up for bigger properties as their families expand. Millennials buyers will keep demand for homes robust next year, particularly for entry-level properties.

How To Vet And Hire The Right Real Estate Contractor

Choosing the right contractor for your fix and flip project is critical to its success. Hiring the wrong real estate contractor can seriously detriment your project and negatively affect deadlines. Second only to the investor, the contractor is the most essential part of the flipping process and directly impacts how profitable the project will be at the point of sale.

4 Costly Real Estate Mistakes Investors Should Know and Avoid

No investment comes without some measure of risk, and that includes the often-stable real estate investments. Whether fix and flipping or fix and renting a real estate investment, you are likely to come across significant challenges from time to time and make a fair share of mistakes. Many investors approach

Maximizing Profits: Getting Better Fix & Flip Returns On Single-Family Homes

The growing collection of reality television fix and flip shows have made flipping a home and making good profits look easy as pie. But there is much more to getting positive returns than making some simple cosmetic fixes, doing a few DIY projects and raising the property’s curb appeal. Too many investors end up taking on a residential fix and flip project and focussing on design only, without paying attention to the basics that will maximize their returns.

Real Estate For Sale: Selling Your First Fix and Flip Property

The sale of your first fix and flip property will likely be one of the biggest financial transactions of your career so far. With so much at stake during the sale process, the pressure to sell your property successfully can be immense and it can be difficult to know which steps to take. In order to get the ideal asking price and make the highest profit, it’s important to understand the timelines of properties-for-sale on the local market.

First-Time Fixer-Uppers: Flipping Tips, Questions and Answers

House flipping is a lucrative business, but it can be daunting for first-timers who are just getting their feet wet. For beginners, it can be helpful to learn the answers to some of the most common flipping questions so that they can avoid making mistakes and enjoy the process instead. Successful house flipping is not an overnight, get-rich-quick type of investment, contrary to what many believe. That’s why it’s best to start off being well informed.