Partner+ Program

Earn up to 2% Broker or 50bps Referral fee on Investment Property Loans

Partner+ is an umbrella for New Silver's partner programs, created to suit different potential partners. Whether you are a lender, a mortgage broker, a realtor or a D2C website, we have the right program to fit your goals.

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White-labeled for lenders



For mortgage brokers



For any referral partner



For websites

Correspondent Program

The correspondent program is tailor-made for lenders that work with real estate investors, and need additional capital and/or underwriting expertise to scale their business. Maintain full control of the process and your client relationship, while gaining access to world class tech and reliable capital.

Best for

Lenders - maintain your brand and scale your business

Your responsibilities

Sell your value-add

Maintain client relationship and excellent customer service

Close the loan in partnership with New Silver

Provide asset management, rehab management services


Earn origination fee and a yield spread for the life of the loan

Instant online approval and term sheet

Access to reliable capital

Maintain client relationships, we will not contact your clients directly

Completely white-labeled

Broker Program

This program is ideal for mortgage brokers and lenders who want to be more involved in the underwriting process. If you have a client looking for an investment property loan, you can broker the loan to New Silver and earn a fee.

Best for

Mortgage brokers - become a broker with New Silver

Lenders - either broker or refer deals and get paid

Your Responsibilities

Interface with your clients

Collect documents, work with New Silver's underwriters


Earn up to 2% Broker Fee on Fix and Flip and Ground up loans

Instant online approval and term sheet

Access to reliable capital

Appraisal cost refunded on all brokered deals

Minimum work required, we can work directly with your borrowers

Referral Program

This program is for realtors, consultants, D2C brands and others not directly involved in the lending process. This is a simple and easy program which just requires to refer the client to New Silver, and once the loan closes you will be paid a 50bps referral fee.

Best for

Realtors and agents - make an easy referral and get paid

Brands - send your online and offline clients and earn

Your responsibilities

Send us the client, and get paid once the loan closes


 Get paid a 50bps on all closed loans

 For realtors, retain your listing business with completion alerts

 Earn commission on current and all future deals

Awesome tech for tracking your commission

Access to a reliable partner

Minimum work required, we handle the entire process

Available Loan Programs


Fix & Flip

Purchase and rehab loans for
residential fix and flip

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 10 - 12.75%

Origination from 1.375%

Up to 100% construction

 Appraisal cost refunded on brokered deals

up to 2% Broker or 50bps Referral Fee


Ground Up

Construction loans for
residential builders

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 10 - 13.25%

Origination from 1.375%

Up to up to 24 months

 Appraisal cost refunded on brokered deals

 up to 2% Broker or 50bps Referral Fee


30-year fixed product for
stabilized properties

Get up to $3,000,000

Interest rate from 7.5

Origination from 2-3%

Loan To Purchase Price up to 80%

Loan To Value up to 80%

30-year fixed rate


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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We only finance business purpose loans for non-owner occupied residential properties. 

No, we do not finance manufactured or modular property.

In a broker partnership, you are more involved in the underwriting process. You are expected to help collect the docs, help with client interaction, etc. In a referral process, you simply send a client to New Silver, we do the rest, and you get paid!

Depending on your agreement with the client, you can receive up to 2 broker points on the HUD.

You will provide your payment info and we will pay you directly up to 50bps (.5% of the loan amount) immediately after the closing.

Yes, as long as you have an agreement with the client, your fee would be added to the HUD in addition to our term sheet.  Referral fees up to 0.5% and do not require written client acknowledgment.

Yes, please start out by clicking one of the Apply buttons, and we will reach out via email with the next steps.

No, all of our products require New Silver to be in the first lien position, and no secondary financing is allowed.

As a broker or correspondent partner, you will work with your borrower to gather the required documentation and submit to underwriting.