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Modernizing Old-School Real Estate Through The Technology Of Today

Real estate has traditionally been a great wealth-builder, which is why some of the richest people in history have been real estate investors. Today, this still rings true, but real estate transactions have remained notoriously old-school, which makes buying and selling real estate more difficult than it needs to be.

Renovation Rundown: Common Fix and Flip Issues Found In Older Properties

Fix and flip investors are often familiar with older character homes which have features not typically found in newer builds, whether they wanted to take them on or not! Older homes can be great investments, but with an older property, costly issues and underlying problems are also an unfortunate reality

Deal Detectors: Tactics for Finding A Fix & Flip Property

Location is often cited as the most important part of the puzzle for fix and flip investors, and picking the right one is an ongoing challenge for many. Fix and flip deals typically involve purchasing a property in a good area below its general market value, renovating it and reselling

Is 2019 A Good Time To Start A House Flipping Business Of Your Own?

The Right Time Knowing the right time to launch a house flipping business can be difficult, but recent research could help assure budding entrepreneurs that 2019 is still favorable to get started. The recent report by AttomData, covered in Realtor Magazine, indicates that US house flipping rates have reached a

Road to Rental Real Estate: Getting Started

The ownership of a rental property can be a valuable method of wealth-building for real estate investors, enabling monthly income in a manner less intimidating than dealing with the stock market. Real estate has always been a trustworthy and relatively stable way to build wealth, and rentals offer the additional