Getting Started With New Silver

Learn About The Available Loan Products and Requirements

New Silver offers the following products to real estate investors. You can also click the link in each loan to get more detailed info. 

  1. Fix and Flip - with or without rehab budget, for investors who want to buy, renovate and resell or refi their property within 12-24 months. Minimum loan amount is $75,000 and minimum as-is value is $100,000. Single family or multi-family up to 50 units is acceptable. Credit 600+. No experience required.
  2. Rent - perfect for investors who want to buy or refinance a stabilized (no rehab) property. This is a 30 year fixed loan with rates starting in the 5s. Minimum loan amount is $100,000 and credit 680+. Single family (1-4 units) only.
  3. Refi - this product is a short term refinance option, up to 24 months. Minimum loan amount is $75,000 and minimum as-is value is $100,000. Credit 600+. Single family or multi-family up to 50 units is acceptable.
  4. Ground up - perfect for experienced investors who want to do new construction. Term up to 12 months Minimum loan amount is $100,000. Single family only. Credit 600+.

We require at least one of the guarantors to have a FICO score of 600 and above. We check credit for anyone with over a 20% ownership in the company. These loans are for non-owner occupied investment properties only. We do business in most states (we don't do business in these 11 states)

Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

See the most common questions below. You can always use the Chat icon in the lower-right to speak with us if you have more questions. 

  1. Do you lend on primary residences?  - No
  2. Can you finance multi-family properties? - Yes, read here
  3. Can you do 100% financing? - no, read here
  4. Do you lend against business assets, invoices or personal loans? - no, read here
  5. What is the minimum FICO score? - Read here.
  6. What states do you lend in? - Read here
  7. How much money should I expect to put down when doing a new purchase?  - Read here
  8. What type of documentation is required to get approved? Is income verification required? - Read here
  9. What are the typical closing costs? - Read here
  10. What kind of a credit pull do you do? - Read here
  11. Do you offer an instant proof of funds letter? - Yes, read here.
  12. How fast can you close? - We have closed loans in under 5 business days on a rush basis.
  13. Do you finance commercial or mixed use property? - No. We only finance residential 1-50 unit.
  14. Do you work with brokers? - Yes, read here

More FAQs are available in our self-service portal.

Apply Online and Get Approved In 10 Minutes

After you have read about our loan programs and the frequently asked questions, you can start the online application and get pre-qualified. After you are pre-qualified online, you will have the option to schedule a call with a Loan Consultant, or, you can pay the $1 application fee and get approved online.