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Do Hard Money Lenders Require Down Payment

Do Hard Money Lenders Require Down Payment?

If you’re new to private lending, you might not be familiar with what exactly is needed to secure a loan. A common question that many borrowers have is how much of their own money they need to put down when taking out a loan of this nature. The answer is

How Much Money Do You Need To Flip A House Successfully?

For new investors, one of the most common questions is “How much does it cost to flip a house successfully?” The answer is usually not straightforward. Planning budgets for real estate projects can be overwhelming, as investors will need to consider and include many different variables. A property’s condition, the

How To Create A House Flipping Business Plan

How To Create A Simple House Flipping Business Plan

Investing in residential real estate can be a profitable opportunity for investors who have the right house flipping business plans, partners and strategies in place. While many individuals find the passive investment income to be an absolute game-changer, achieving those results requires careful planning and preparation. Beyond that, timing and


How To Flip Houses In Massachusetts

Affectionately known as the Bay State, Massachusetts has become popular with both seasoned property investors and those hoping to make their first flip. Highlights include amazing universities, extremely passionate sports fans, exquisite scenery and a healthy real estate market. If you’re ready to make your first foray into real estate

What Does It Mean When A House Is Under Contract?

If you have been looking for a new property to invest in through a multiple listing service or a website, you will likely have seen that some are described as already being “under contract”. A property that is listed as “under contract” has had an offer made, and provisionally accepted

What Expenses Can I Deduct When Flipping A House?

This is not financial advice, always make sure to discuss with your tax professional before making any decisions. As a fix and flip investor, it is essential to understand which of your expenses can be deducted when filing your taxes. The expenses you deduct can and will have a direct

How To Start Flipping Houses With Little Money

Many dismiss real estate as an investment option because they don’t want to use their own funds. However, there is no reason you cannot invest in real estate using funds sourced elsewhere and still make the profit you want. If you’re an aspiring real estate investor with a lack of

Setting The Right Price For Your Fix and Flip Home The First Time Around

Let’s face it. The real estate market is facing a growing inventory crisis with a dampening effect on home sales. For fix and flip investors, pricing a property correctly is essential to selling it as fast as possible, no matter the market conditions. As a real estate investor, you also need to choose the right price to assure good profits and cover all of the renovation expenses.

If you overprice the property, the home will be less appealing to potential buyers and spend costly months on the market. Not an ideal outcome! Here is how to set the right price for your fix and flip property the first time around: