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Why Do Most Realtors Fail In Their First Year?

Why Do Most Realtors Fail In Their First Year?

Real estate is a popular industry, offering flexibility and the potential to earn a good income in relatively stable conditions. Many people think about joining the industry and becoming a realtor. It is estimated that there are two million real estate licensees in the US and many more hopeful applicants

How To Calculate Home Appreciation

How To Calculate Home Appreciation

Understanding how to calculate home appreciation is a required skill for any real estate investor. Fortunately, there is a straightforward formula that you can use to work out the future value of your house. Side note – If you just want to quickly calculate the value of your home, check

Can I Put My Primary Residence In An LLC?

Can I Put My Primary Residence In An LLC?

You’ve done it; you’ve taken all the necessary steps and purchased a home that you are planning to move into. At this stage of the process, you may think that your work is done, but the reality is that it is just beginning. With the deed to the property in

What Is The 1 Percent Rule In Real Estate

What Is The 1% Rule In Real Estate?

The 1% rule is a calculation that investors can use to estimate the rental income of an investment property. The rule suggests that if you want to work out the expected rental income of a property, you can simply multiply the property price by 1% for a quick approximation. Jump

Do I Need a Contractor’s License to Flip Houses?

Real estate investors often make their money by buying and selling houses quickly or flipping houses. If you want to make any money when flipping, you need to buy ‘run down’ houses for a price lower than the market value, fix them up, and sell them for a profit. You

Pre-foreclosure vs Foreclosure - Whats the difference

Pre-foreclosures Vs Foreclosures – What’s The Difference?

Real estate investors thrive on below-market priced homes. That’s how they make their best profits, build their network, and lay the groundwork for the next one. When you look at the market, though, you’ll see many terms including pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties. What’s the difference between the two and which

Cap Rate vs ROI - Whats The Difference

Cap Rate vs ROI – What’s The Difference?

Cap Rate is a formula that investors often use to quickly analyze the expected rental return of an investment property. It only requires a few key variables to calculate the cap rate of a property (net operating income and property value), and it is particularly useful for comparing the expected

Do You Need A License To Wholesale Real Estate

Do You Need A License To Wholesale Real Estate?

As a beginning real estate investor, you might wonder whether you need a license to wholesale property. In fact, for those who are still learning the wholesaling process, this investment strategy seemingly describes the job of a real estate broker. After all, brokers simply bring two parties together. There’s someone

Looking at the benefits of flipping houses

Pros And Cons Of Flipping Houses

Flipping houses can be a particularly lucrative real estate investment strategy, but it’s definitely not suitable for every kind of investor. HGTV likes to paint images of flips that end well every time, but the reality is that these types of projects not only take a lot of capital but

The Ultimate Guide To Flipping Houses out of State

The Ultimate Guide To Flipping Houses Out Of State

The real estate market has very distinct ebbs and flows, but what do you do when the ebbs become the norm? Sometimes despite the best efforts of the fix and flip investor, improving the local deal flow and investing in their own state is not always possible. Some investors that