Instant Proof of Funds Letter

New Silver makes it easy to get your Proof of Funds letter and Term Sheet

With an instant Proof of Funds letter from New Silver in hand, investors can walk into any real estate transaction with an assurance of funding and close the deal.

We understand that buying real estate is a competitive process, which is why we made our Proof of Funds letter quick and easy. Get verification of funds, when you need it.

How does getting a Proof of Funds and Term Sheet in under 5 minutes work?


Click the Get Approved Online button in the top-right


Enter information about yourself and the property


Pay the application fee, get instantly approved and download your Proof of Funds and Term Sheet

Why an instant Proof of Funds letter from New Silver?

Make Offers Instantly

Proof of funds letters help you make credible offers

Show the Seller You Are Serious

When the seller sees your proof of funds letter, they will take your offer seriously.

Get Them 24/7

Get your proof of funds letter and term sheet online instantly, 24/7. Download, print, or just show on your mobile

Signed and Official

Your term sheet and instant proof of funds are official and help you make offers fasters

What is a Proof of Funds letter?

A Proof of Funds letter is commonly used by borrowers when making offers to purchase a property. This letter shows the seller that the buyer has serious intentions to buy and has the needed funds available to close the deal, allowing them to make competitive offers. Proof of Funds letters give the buyer instant credibility with sellers.

In many cases, sellers accept Proof of Funds letters on par with showing proof of having cash in the bank