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Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

7 Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

Reading Time: 11 minutes In the last 5 years, marketing budgets across the world have been shifting from traditional channels to digital platforms. There are numerous reasons for the shift, but these are some of the main driving factors: People spend more time on their smartphones, laptops and tablets than ever before People are

5 Technology Tools That Help Real Estate Investors Make More Money

Reading Time: 3 minutes Increasingly, real estate investors are using technology to guide their decision-making surrounding selecting properties and property management. Real estate is swiftly technologizing, whether it be through decentralization, the sale of virtual property or trading in online property marketplaces; there are a variety of great tech tools available to investors today. Technological advancements in real estate have brought efficiency, convenience and other benefits to the industry, and are radically changing how we deal with property.

Smart Homes: What They Are And Why You Should Invest In Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recent research has found that close to 31 billion global devices will have internet connectivity capabilities by the year 2020, and that includes real estate technology. Individuals are increasingly connecting their homes to the internet and their smartphones for more efficiency and built-in tech options are popular solutions. The world’s greatest tech giants from Google to Amazon have already seen the potential in creating residential home-based tech and more companies are following suit.

Modernizing Old-School Real Estate Through The Technology Of Today

Reading Time: 3 minutes Real estate has traditionally been a great wealth-builder, which is why some of the richest people in history have been real estate investors. Today, this still rings true, but real estate transactions have remained notoriously old-school, which makes buying and selling real estate more difficult than it needs to be.