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Best Places To Buy Investment Property In New Jersey

Best Places To Buy Investment Property In New Jersey

Reading Time: 7 minutes One thing that all real estate experts can agree on is location being the deciding factor between a successful property investment and a money pit you can’t sell. The same rings true for homes found in the state of New Jersey. Location plays a more key role than simply being

Flipping Houses In Wyoming

How To Flip Houses In Wyoming

Reading Time: 4 minutes Although Wyoming might be an unlikely place for the average house flipper to invest, there is money to be made in the Cowboy State, provided you can find the right property. The biggest concern with Wyoming is the small number of flips. In the last 12 months, Attomm’s house flipping

Flipping Houses In Wisconsin

How To Flip Houses In Wisconsin

Reading Time: 4 minutes With approximately 1393 flips over the last 12 months, the Wisconsin property market is clearly welcoming to property investors. Milwaukee is where most of the action occurs, but Madison, Green Bay and Kenosha all see their fair share of flips as well. All in all, the Badger State meets all

Flipping Houses In West Virginia

How To Flip Houses In West Virginia

Reading Time: 5 minutes The simple truth is that West Virginia doesn’t present as many opportunities as most of the other US states. Over the last 12 months, there were less than 100 flips in total, according to research conducted by Attomm Real Estate solutions. Despite this forewarning, flips are happening in the Mountain

Flipping Houses In Washington

How To Flip Houses In Washington

Reading Time: 5 minutes The state of Washington is home to some of the richest people in the world, including Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and Howard Schults of Starbucks. More importantly, the median household income ($70,116) is higher than most states in the US, which helps to stabilize the property

Flipping Houses In Virginia

How To Flip Houses In Virginia

Reading Time: 4 minutes The State of Virginia presents a unique set of opportunities for property investors. The revenue per flip is high, while the median household income is also considerably higher than most states. Both of these conditions are favourable for house flippers. Provided you focus on renovations that are known to increase

Flipping Houses In South Carolina

How To Flip Houses In South Carolina

Reading Time: 5 minutes Populated with relatively affordable homes, plenty of tourist attractions and some of the most prodigious peach farms in the US, the Palmetto state has also become a hot spot for property investors in recent years. 3 bedroom houses are the most common offering, which can require some creative thinking on

Flipping Houses In Oklahoma

How To Flip Houses In Oklahoma

Reading Time: 4 minutes Housing in Oklahoma is more affordable than most states in the US. However, this isn’t stopping property flippers from finding high ROI flips. Despite the low cost of homes, investors are selecting properties in good areas, transforming the after-repair value, and selling them for a healthy profit. Now let’s take

Flipping Houses In Ohio

How To Flip Houses In Ohio

Reading Time: 5 minutes The birthplace to seven presidents, twenty four astronauts and the small marvel of aviation, the state of Ohio is well known for its contributions to the United States. While the average revenue per flip ($54,000) is a bit lower than the national average, Ohio makes up for this with the

Flipping Houses In New Mexico

How To Flip Houses In New Mexico

Reading Time: 5 minutes With a relatively small population size and plenty of charming areas to invest in, New Mexico presents an interesting set of challenges and opportunities for house flippers. Provided you stick to areas with good schools, high safety ratings and a strong labor market, there is every reason to consider flipping