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What Does It Mean When A House Is Under Contract?

If you have been looking for a new property to invest in through a multiple listing service or a website, you will likely have seen that some are described as already being “under contract”. A property that is listed as “under contract” has had an offer made, and provisionally accepted

The Best Cities To Flip Houses In 2020

Several real estate markets around the country are showing renewed investment promise for fix and flip investors looking for new opportunities. These markets are being fast-tracked by a combination of factors that investors should take note of when looking for their next ideal fix and flip investment. There are multiple

What Expenses Can I Deduct When Flipping A House?

This is not financial advice, always make sure to discuss with your tax professional before making any decisions. As a fix and flip investor, it is essential to understand which of your expenses can be deducted when filing your taxes. The expenses you deduct can and will have a direct

Real Estate Flipping VS Renting Long Term: Which Is Best For The Investor?

Are you interested in making real estate investments successfully? When choosing the best option for investing, it often comes down to fix and flip versus holding onto the property and renting it out. Both strategies have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, which can make the decision even more difficult


How To Flip Houses In NJ

Affectionately known as the Garden State, New Jersey has become a hot spot for real estate investors. Highlights include beautiful beaches, great food, proximity to New York City, exquisite scenery and attractive resale prices for property flippers. If you’re looking for a place to make your first flip, New Jersey

How To Start Flipping Houses With Little Money

Many dismiss real estate as an investment option because they don’t want to use their own funds. However, there is no reason you cannot invest in real estate using funds sourced elsewhere and still make the profit you want. If you’re an aspiring real estate investor with a lack of

Why You Need To Start Flipping Houses In PA

Why Your Next Real Estate Investment Should Be In The Keystone State The Pennsylvania real estate market is a proven landlord’s paradise, where the buy and hold strategy has performed well over the past few years and demand for rental property is high. However, this is a space that also

The Complete House Flipper Buyers Guide

If you’re interested in purchasing a fix and flip property, this guide is for you. Keep reading for the detailed and complete New Silver house flipper buyers guide, which contains everything that you need to know about nailing the fix and flip process. House flipping has consistently been ranked by

The 6 Best Books On Real Estate Investing

For the real estate investor looking to broaden their knowledge of the asset class and gain ground on their competitors, there are many different books available today that can help. By reading about the experiences of other, more experienced individuals in the real estate industry, you can dramatically improve your