Hard Money Loans

Data driven hard money lending. Get your loan in under 10 minutes

Fix and Flip
Renovate, rehab and resell your property

Interest Rate

9.5 - 12.75%

Origination fee

from 1.875%

Loan To Cost (LTC)

up to 90%

Construction Financing

up to 100%

Loan To ARV

up to 80%


24 months

Minimum Loan Amount


Maximum Loan Amount


Minimum FICO


Type of Property

Residential 1-50 units, condos, townhomes

Benefits For Borrowers

Instant Proof of Funds Letter

Interest Only Payments

Discounts for Repeat Borrowers

Instant Term Sheet

No Hard Credit Pull

No Junk Fees

All Loan Products


Fix & Flip

Funds for purchase + rehab or refinance + rehab

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 9.5 - 12.75%

Origination fee from 1.875%

Up to 100% construction



30 year fixed product for stabilized properties

Get up to $2,000,000

Interest rate from 7.5%

Origination fee 2-3%

30-year fixed rate


Ground Up

Construction loans for residential builders

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 9.5 - 13.25%

Origination fee from 1.875%

Up to 24 months



Unsecured personal loan marketplace

Get up to $100,000

Starting at 7% APR

No collateral required

Compare many lenders

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the maximum allowed property size is 5 acres.

No, New Silver does not cross collateralize and cannot provide portfolio loans.  Each property needs to qualify individually and requires a separate application and loan.

No, we do not offer financing for raw or undeveloped land where there are no plans for development. If you are interested in building a dwelling on the land, you may qualify for a Ground Up loan.

The minimum loan amount of $100,000, property as-is value of $100,000 or higher, and after repair value of $150,000 or more.

No, we do not finance rural property.

Yes, an appraisal with interior access is required.  For projects with 5+ units, a full commercial appraisal will be required.

For our fix and flip and ground up programs, we will need 6 comparable sales within a 5 mile radius sold within the last 12 months.  While this is the general policy, there may be exceptions made with investment committee approval.