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Get approved quickly and start construction within days

New Silver
Minutes To Get Approved

Get approved online in under 10 minutes for most loans. Get your proof of funds letter instantly.

days to close

Close quickly, within days after approval


We have Loan Consultants ready to help, but you can do the whole process online if you’d like

Other Lenders
to get approved

You will have to fill out forms and wait for a sales callback, then wait days for underwriting approval

to close

You may have to wait a long time to get approved and close

Send paper, fill out forms, lots of calls

Be ready to spend a lot of time filling out paperwork and speaking with sales

Loan terms designed for you

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Average Flip ROI


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"Its been a pleasure working with New Silver’s team for the past 4 years. True professionals, New Silver has been a valued partner, helping my real estate development business expand much faster then I anticipated."
Corey Kosiensky
CT Real Estate Developer and New Silver Client since 2013