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Loan Products


Fix & Flip

Funds for purchase + rehab or refinance + rehab

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 10 - 12.75%

Origination from 1.875%

Up to 100% construction



30 year fixed product for stabilized properties

Get up to $3,000,000

Interest rate from 7.5%

Origination 2-3%

30-year fixed rate


Ground Up

Construction loans for residential builders

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 10 - 13.25%

Origination from 1.875%

Up to up to 24 months

Advantage Program

Up to 100 bps off your interest rate

Up to 75 bps off origination fees

Free Appraisals and underwriting priority

The Advantage program rewards real estate investors that continuously partner with New Silver by providing reduced origination fees, reduced interest rates, appraisal refunds and much more. It works with Fix and Flip and Ground Up Construction loan products.

Trustpilot Reviews

Very satisfied with New Silver

So far I had a couple deals with New Silver. I couldn't ask for a better team to work with me. I totally enjoy working with them, Special Alex Shvayetsky. Of course as you purchase more properties, the financing becomes very easy.

Fernando Medeiros

What an amazing experience

What an amazing experience! I can not recommend New SIlver enough. They came into a deal that another lender totally screwed up on and closed it in 14 days! They went above and beyond to get an appraiser out within days and were on everyone to get my deal close. I can not wait to work with them again.

Alexzandra Hieronymus

Close at Ludicrous speed!

James and the entire team at New Silver were amazingly helpful. We were in a tough bind with a traditional lender leaving us high and dry at the 11th hour but New Silver gave us options and was able to get us the clear to close in lighting speed! I would recommend these folks 100x over!


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Instant Online Approval

Easy 5 minute application process, completed online, no hard credit pull required


Instant Proof of Funds Letter

Get your proof of funds instantly.
Beat the competition and secure your investment property


Instant Term Sheet

Get your term sheet online in under 5 minutes. No need to wait for a phone call, get approved online and download your term sheet


Repeat Client Discounts

Discounts on fees and interest for repeat borrowers that love working with us

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