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How To Flip Houses In Florida

Affectionately known as the Sunshine State, Florida is also well known for the its highly desirable real estate. Populated with gorgeous beaches, world class golf courses and plenty of charming cities, this particular state has much to offer aspiring property investors. Key Stats About Flipping Houses In Florida Median Purchase

5 Technology Tools That Help Real Estate Investors Make More Money

Increasingly, real estate investors are using technology to guide their decision-making surrounding selecting properties and property management. Real estate is swiftly technologizing, whether it be through decentralization, the sale of virtual property or trading in online property marketplaces; there are a variety of great tech tools available to investors today. Technological advancements in real estate have brought efficiency, convenience and other benefits to the industry, and are radically changing how we deal with property.

Setting The Right Price For Your Fix and Flip Home The First Time Around

Let’s face it. The real estate market is facing a growing inventory crisis with a dampening effect on home sales. For fix and flip investors, pricing a property correctly is essential to selling it as fast as possible, no matter the market conditions. As a real estate investor, you also need to choose the right price to assure good profits and cover all of the renovation expenses.

If you overprice the property, the home will be less appealing to potential buyers and spend costly months on the market. Not an ideal outcome! Here is how to set the right price for your fix and flip property the first time around:

Rental Markets Predictions For 2020 – A Guide For Investors

Recent years have proven rental homes to be lucrative investments, and the trend should continue into 2020. The national rental index has remained steady from October until now, with many millennials entering the market as both renters and landlords. Nearly all of the rental growth for 2019 occurred between March and June, where rents increased by 1.3%, and landlords will see similar rates in the upcoming year.

The Hard Reality Of Home Renovation: Challenges Real Estate Investors Face

Renovating a property can be a daunting process for many real estate investors. Seeing other successful fix and flips make high profits make the process seem easy – just buy an old property, throw on some paint and a few fixes and sell it for a higher price. However, the hard reality of home renovation is that making even basic cosmetic changes can take a long time, bring up some nasty surprises and quickly become more expensive than originally planned for. Realistically, there are some serious challenges you will face before the property is in a state where it is ready to be sold.

Smart Homes: What They Are And Why You Should Invest In Them

Recent research has found that close to 31 billion global devices will have internet connectivity capabilities by the year 2020, and that includes real estate technology. Individuals are increasingly connecting their homes to the internet and their smartphones for more efficiency and built-in tech options are popular solutions. The world’s greatest tech giants from Google to Amazon have already seen the potential in creating residential home-based tech and more companies are following suit.