New Silver
Income Fund
Over 17% Returned in 2023

  • 15 – 20% Targeted Annual Returns
  • Quarterly Payouts
  • Outperform the S&P 500
  • 401K and IRAs accepted
  • Passive Income

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Expected Returns


Targeted annual returns


Net Return for 2023

Quarterly Payouts

As an income fund, our investors receive their yields on a quarterly basis

Investment Strategy

The Fund generates a high income return from a diversified portfolio of loans underwritten and originated by New Silver Lending LLC.

All loans are short-duration and secured with a first priority, perfected lien on residential investment properties in the United States. Notes are held in an indentured trust for the benefit of investors, Ankura Trust Company serving as trustee.

Fund returns are enhanced by committed senior leverage at a competitive cost of capital.

New Silver Lending has $3mm+ of equity invested pari passu with the Fund.

Target Return – 15-20%
Preferred Return – 14%
Performance Fee – After preferred return, 80% Investor / 20% Manager
Management Fee – 1%
Underlying Asset – First lien residential mortgages. Average 12 months to maturity
Distribution Schedule – Quarterly
Fund Manager – New Silver Lending LLC


Year Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 YTD
2024 4.82% 19.28%
2023 3.15% 2.22% 4.48% 8.44% 20.66%
2022 3.49% 4.27% 4.81% 4.49% 18.18%
2021 3.47% -1.44% 5.99% 5.33% 13.85%
*Performance data represents the gross return of the underlying assets in the Fund, excluding all Fund fees.

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Quartlery Income


Total Income


ROI (Return On Investment)


* Please Note – You can make additional contributions after the initial investment

Income Generation With Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate has been one of the best-performing asset classes over the last few decades, however, most investors don’t have the time to find and diligence the vast opportunities available. Real estate investing typically requires a large amount of capital upfront, the right financial resources, and a high level of expertise. We think there is a better way.

New Silver is a fintech lender focused on short duration, high-yield fix and flip sector. The New Silver Income Fund is available to accredited investors, allowing you the opportunity to generate superior income returns by investing in a pool of short-duration mortgages that have been securitized using blockchain technologies to lower the cost of capital.

Risk Management: We stress test each loan for profitability, utilize 3rd party independent appraisers and adopt our underwriting to changing market conditions.

Asset Class

For illustrative purposes only, not financial advice. Based on publicly available data from Morningstar.


Before investing in New Silver’s Income Fund, make sure that you understand the risks and expenses first. Find out more information about the Fund in our Executive Summary below, and sign up to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date on the Fund’s performance.

Real Estate Powered by Technology

New Silver Income Fund seeks to generate above-market income returns by investing in a securitized pool of short duration loans originated by New Silver Lending. The Fund, open to accredited investors under Rule 506(c), invests in the Junior tranche of residential mortgages, securitized using blockchain technology and backed by private investors and institutions.

...participate in real estate with the added benefit of technology

Earn Over 14% Annually

John Coury
Head of Capital Markets & Strategic Partnerships