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What fees do sellers pay when selling a house?

What Fees Do Sellers Pay When Selling A House?

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you’re planning to sell an investment property, there are some costs you need to prepare for before buyers get involved. There are general transfer costs and other expenses that will apply as the house changes hands and it’s important to be ready for them when the time comes. Repair

Can You Sell A House Immediately After Buying It?

Can You Sell A House Immediately After Buying It?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The short answer is ‘yes’ you can sell a house immediately after buying it. There aren’t any rules or laws stating you can’t. The bigger question is should you sell a house immediately after buying it? If it’s your primary residence, there are many factors to consider including capital gains and breaking even.

How do I avoid capital gains tax when selling a house?

How Do I Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling A House?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Investing in real estate is profitable for thousands of investors, but it also hits many in the gut when tax time comes around. Capital gains mean increased income, higher tax liabilities, and more frustration on the part of real estate investors. Suddenly the profits you thought you made get swallowed

Reasons Houses Don't Sell And How To Fix Them

Reasons Houses Don’t Sell And How To Fix Them

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sometimes it happens that you put a house up for sale and despite your best efforts it just won’t sell. You may have acquired it for a good price and renovated the whole thing, but that doesn’t mean that it will sell quickly once it hits the market. Even the

Increase Home Value Before You Sell

10 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home Before You Sell

Reading Time: 5 minutes When preparing to sell your home, you want to ensure that you have done all you can to increase the value before it goes on the market. The goal is to present the property in a way that gives a great first impression when viewed by potential buyers, and by

Buy House Now Or Wait Until 2021

Should You Buy A House Now Or Wait Until 2021?

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the current COVID-19 outbreak, many buyers are considering waiting until 2021 to buy a house and no one can blame them. The impending recession is a major concern for buyers and sellers and the real estate market will be affected. Whether you should buy a house now or wait

Real Estate Investors Take Note – These 4 Trends Can Increase Your Project’s Value in 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the new year approaches, home design trends and buyer-wants are evolving. Many of the trends found in 2019 are making way for new styles and tastes as millennials become the dominating demographic of buyers. Real estate investors take note – the most influential interior trends of 2020 are focused on creating warm, richer spaces with more classic touches, and you should consider how to put these trends to work in your own properties and find buyers faster.

Real Estate Investing In 2020 and Beyond – A Look Inside Home Buyers and Sellers Minds

Reading Time: 3 minutes By the end of this year, millennials will number 73 million, a number larger than any other living adult population. It’s this generation that is expected to be the biggest driving force pushing the housing market forward in 2020. Large groups of millennials entering the market are now either purchasing their first home or trading up for bigger properties as their families expand. Millennials buyers will keep demand for homes robust next year, particularly for entry-level properties.

Real Estate For Sale: Selling Your First Fix and Flip Property

Reading Time: 3 minutes The sale of your first fix and flip property will likely be one of the biggest financial transactions of your career so far. With so much at stake during the sale process, the pressure to sell your property successfully can be immense and it can be difficult to know which steps to take. In order to get the ideal asking price and make the highest profit, it’s important to understand the timelines of properties-for-sale on the local market.