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Renting vs Buying A House – A Detailed Guide

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s the age-old question that renters often end up asking themselves at some point, is it better to buy a house or rent? It’s not an easy decision so it’s a good idea to ask yourself whether you have the finances, if you want the stability and whether the timing

Should I buy a rental property

Should I Buy A Rental Property?

Reading Time: 7 minutes A quick summary If you’re looking to get your foot on the real estate investment ladder, a rental property can be a good place to start. While it’s a big investment, it can pay itself off over time with passive income, which can give you a good cash flow. Table

How to buy a pre-foreclosure

How To Buy A Pre-Foreclosure Property

Reading Time: 6 minutes A brief overview Pre-foreclosure homes can offer investors a great opportunity, however, they aren’t easy to find. Get the low-down on how to buy a pre-foreclosure home before you commit to this type of real estate investing. Table of Contents Purchasing a property that is in pre-foreclosure can be daunting.

how to find short sales

How To Find Short Sales

Reading Time: 6 minutes A quick summary Buying a property via a short sale can be a great way to find a good investment, but there are some drawbacks to consider, such as the extended timeline. You can save yourself some time by knowing how to find short sales and how the process works.

How to Find Pocket Listings

How To Find Pocket Listings

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever missed out on purchasing a property because of competition from another buyer? Next time you may consider looking for a pocket listing to avoid counteroffers and pressure from other brokers. Here is a closer look at how to find pocket listings. What Are Pocket Listings? Pocket listings

How much should I offer on a house

How Much Should I Offer On A House

Reading Time: 6 minutes A quick summary Making the right offer on a property can be a fine line between lowballing a seller or breaking your budget. A middle ground does exist, but it depends on a variety of factors which include the real estate market in the area, the condition of the home

Is Buying Land a Good Investment

Is Buying Land a Good Investment in 2021?

Reading Time: 5 minutes While most real estate investors focus on either residential or commercial properties, there is also a third type of investing that often gets neglected – purchasing raw land. Purchasing land can be a smart investment, but it also comes with additional complications. Here is a closer look at how to

Flipping Vs Renting: Which should you choose?

Flipping Vs Renting Properties: Which Should You Choose?

Reading Time: 6 minutes A brief outline Buying a house to flip and buying a house to rent out are both successful real estate investment strategies, however choosing between the two can be difficult. Consider the pros and cons to each and how they align with your investment goals, as well as what the

How to rehab a house on a budget

How To Rehab A House On A Budget

Reading Time: 8 minutes A brief overview Buying a house to rehab can be an expensive exercise, but if you plan it out strategically and strictly stick to the budget you’ve created, you can rehab the house, sell it and still recoup what you’ve spent and more. Key Points Buying a property in order

When is the best time to buy a house

When Is The Best Time To Buy A House?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Buying a home is ultimately a subjective decision which should be made based on your personal situation, however factors like the season, the housing market and interest rates, can impact your decision in a big way. Key Points There are no hard and fast rules for the timing of buying