Best FSBO Sites - Full List of Free & Paid FSBO Websites

Best FSBO Sites – Full List of Free & Paid FSBO Websites

January 17, 2024

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The Short Answer

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) offers a unique opportunity for both buyers and sellers to engage directly without the intermediary of a real estate agent. For home sellers, using the For Sale By Owner method can be a cost saving exercise, however it will also demand a higher level of expertise to be successful. This includes knowing the target market, negotiating successfully and making informed decisions.

According to Zillow, 26% of Gen X’ers and 36% of millennials listed For Sale By Owner and the National Association of Realtors found that FSBO homes are selling faster than agent-assisted homes, in fact 77% of For Sale By Owner homes sell in under 2 weeks. If you’re also considering this avenue, we’ll help you decide which FSBO site is right for you.’s cutting edge technology to Zillow’s free but effective service, these are some of the best FSBO sites.

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5 Best Paid FSBO Sites

When it comes to FSBO sites, there’s a distinct difference between the paid and free sites. Paid FSBO sites will give users access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), as well as popular real estate websites such as Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and many more. Free FSBO websites, on the other hand, only give users access to the real estate websites and not the MLS. Here are a few of the best paid FSBO sites for those looking to list their property.

Paid site 1:


Touted as one of the best paid FSBO sites, Houzeo uses the latest technology to offer a data-driven solution for users. Houzeo gives users the chance to list their properties using their simple listing management system, review and compare offers online and easily manage showing requests.

Listing Fee

Houzeo offers a flat fee service that lists properties on the MLS, and a host of other real estate websites. There are 4 packages on offer from Houzeo, these are the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package is tailored to a different purpose and provides various options for length of time for listings on the MLS, number of photos, personal concierge, licensed broker services and more.

Basic package starts at: $399

Service Package

Houzeo offers a particularly easy-to-use online dashboard, making listing management more efficient for users. The packages include, at a minimum, a 6-month MLS listing with 24 photos, syndication with the major real estate websites, IntelliList easy listing management, anytime cancellation policy, unlimited listing changes, unlimited open houses, a premium yard sign, access to the Houzeo mobile app and a platform to manage showings.

State Availability

Houzeo is available to those who are selling their home in almost every state, with limited coverage in Wyoming, West Virginia and South Dakota.

Paid site 2:

FSBO offers a comprehensive directory showcasing homes for sale directly by owners nationwide. Sellers have the opportunity to showcase their properties on the platform, while potential buyers interested in FSBO properties can conveniently explore the diverse listings available. is one of the most established FSBO websites in the country and has been around for over two decades. The platform provides buyers with access to over 1.4 million properties that are backed by government data, such as foreclosure properties, bankruptcy and tax lien listings.

Listing Fee

The basic package offered by is just $99, which makes this option extremely competitive. However, on this package, a house is only advertised on the FSBO website and not on the MLS which limits visibility. The MLS package, on the other hand, is $399.95 and the property is listed on the MLS, along with the FSBO website and other platforms.

Basic FSBO package: $99
MLS package: $399.95

Service Package

The FSBO package offers sellers a listing on the website for 6 months, with unlimited photos and one video upload, 24/7 access to their listing for editing or cancellations, a free Redfin listing, and yard signs.

While the MLS package offers sellers an MLS and listing for 6 months, along with listing syndications for major real estate websites like Trulia, Zillow and For this option, the buyer’s broker commission is required and needs to be stated upfront.

State Availability serves every state, except North Dakota. Which makes it easily accessible to most people in the US.

Paid site 3: Homecoin


Homecoin is a flat fee MLS that is more affordable than many of the other platforms. The website uses similar tools to the ones real estate agents use. For those who have a little experience with selling real estate and are familiar with the online tools, Homecoin can be a useful option. Homecoin has a unique pricing structure that attracts many sellers, because users can buy only the services that they need, instead of being tied into particular packages.

Listing Fee

Unlike many other platforms, Homecoin offers a buy-as-you-go type of payment. This means that each service has a separate cost, and sellers only need to purchase what they require, instead of purchasing an entire package. Signing up to Homecoin is free, and so is the home value report and comparable sales. A flat fee MLS listing is $95, a lockbox rental is $125, professional listing photography comes at an extra charge, and a sign post rental costs $99+. With the sign post rental, there is a free sign, a free open house kit and a free FSBO listing. With the flat fee MLS listing, sellers will get free disclosures.  

Free signup
Flat fee MLS listing: $95

Service Package

Homecoin claims to use the same powerful tools that real estate agents use and provides them to sellers using their platform. Along with the services mentioned above, there are forms supplied for standard and premium seller, which includes guidance throughout the process and advice on offers/disclosures and more. A buyer commission rebate is also provided which is a 25-50% rebate of any commission earned on a purchase, and this includes full broker representation and guidance throughout closing. All the MLS listing options include free call forwarding and information sent via text.

State Availability

Homecoin operates in 22 states across the US, including Arizona, California, Florida and Georgia. The platform also offers to place listings for people who are based in other states, on a nearby MLS.

Paid site 4: Beycome


Based in Miami, Beycome stands as a real estate company with a distinctive model. Through its website, the platform facilitates DIY real estate services, enabling homeowners to list their properties for sale. Additionally, it assists buyers in discovering and touring properties in their vicinity, all accomplished without needing a real estate agent.

Listing Fee

The fees that Beycome charges range from $99 to $599, depending on the services you are looking for. Each package comes with the cost savings associated with not having to use a real estate agent, because the platform allows sellers to do the entire process themselves.

Basic FSBO package: $99
Enhanced package: $399
Concierge: $599

Service Package

The basic package on offer from Beycome includes an MLS listing, a listing on other large real estate websites such as Trulia and Zillow, the ability to schedule open houses, professional photos for the listing, a messaging center, free access to all legal forms and disclosures, call/chat/email support every step of the way.

The Enhanced package offers the above, along with 25x professional HDR photos, a photography session, a featured listing on, customizable flyers and brochures, a key lock box, a personalized yard sign, digital advertising and a virtual tour video on YouTube.

The Concierge package includes the above, along with dedicated personnel, full negotiation and paperwork support, home valuation service and pricing assistance, a dedicated closing coordinator, Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), full immersive 3D tour, drone pictures and full marketing support.   

State Availability

Beycome operates in 10 states, which is somewhat limiting for anyone in the other states.

Paid site 5: Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group

The Flat Fee Group offers a wide selection of independent real estate brokers and realtors who offer a flat fee for each MLS listing. Which means that sellers can avoid the higher real estate agent commissions and instead list their property on the MLS and pay a lower flat fee. For those who are just looking to get an FSBO listing on the MLS, the Flat Fee Group may be more expensive than other alternatives.

Listing Fee

The costs vary, depending on the state and the services offered within that state by the broker.  As such, there is no uniformity when it comes to pricing and services offered. Package prices can vary from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.

Listing fees vary

Service Package

Each state and broker typically offer 3 package options, and these will be arranged according to their prices, from a basic package, to an enhanced package and then a full-service package. Brokers offer MLS listing options and the number of photos varies, depending on the package, along with the MLS listing terms. Flat Fee Group’s broker services also include support, key boxes, advertising on real estate websites, market analysis and more.

State Availability

Flat Fee Group operates in most states, with one broker handling each state typically. There are no brokers listed in Alaska, West Virginia and Wyoming at the time of writing. Montana and New Mexico currently don’t have any services from Flat Fee Group.  

5 Best Free FSBO Sites

Exploring both free and paid For Sale By Owner or FSBO sites can be a good idea for those who are selling their home themselves, particularly real estate investors. There are various free FSBO sites that can save many investors the cost and hassle of dealing with the paid sites, while still getting access to the features they need.  

Platform Fee
Houzeo From $399 From $99
Homecoin From $95
Beycome From $99
Flat Fee Group Fees vary

Free site 1: Zillow

Zillow - FSBO

The ever-popular real estate website Zillow offers a range of listings to potential buyers, which means that sellers can use the platform for their FSBO listings too. Zillow has hundreds of FSBO listings on their platform, and these listings come at no cost to sellers.

Listing Fee

There is NO listing fee for FSBO listings with Zillow.

Service Package

Zillow provides customers the opportunity to tap into their huge audience and list their property for sale by owner, within the FSBO section of their platform. There are no fees to list a property here, and the platform makes it an easy process. However, Zillow may put your listing in front of buyers who are working with a broker partner of theirs in order to monetize your listing.

In other words, while the services are free, you could end up paying a commission to a buyer who is working with an agent. However, for anyone managing their own listing, no fees is an attractive offer and even though the listing won’t be on the MLS, it will still be on Zillow, giving you access to the huge audience that comes with this platform.

State Availability

Zillow operates countrywide, giving sellers greater exposure for their FSBO listings.

Free site 2:

For sale by owner is another free FSBO listing site that sellers can use to list their homes on. It is the oldest FSBO website in the country, and the site aims to connect buyers and sellers directly, without an MLS listing.

Listing Fee

There is NO listing fee for FSBO listings on However, for those who are looking for closing assistance, Rocket Mortgage is a sister company of and there is a package that costs $495 for those listing on the platform.

Service Package offers 2 packages, the free DIY listing package and the $495 closing assistance package. Live support is on offer for packages, there is a dedicated buyer transaction coordinator for each listing, clients get access to a personal selling dashboard and a host of educational material on selling properties yourself.

The closing assistance package gives sellers access to a Rocket Homes licensed closing advisor. The advisor will give assistance with legal documents, co-ordinate inspections, title, appraisals, and help streamline the closing process.

State Availability operates in 45 states across the US.

Free site 3: Craigslist


While it’s free to list a house For Sale By Owner on Craigslist, it’s important to note that the seller is responsible for every aspect of the selling process. From pricing to photos, showings and more. This major digital classified platform attracts a huge variety of browsers each month, as such, some sellers use Craigslist to get in front of this audience and maintain full control of their listing.

Listing Fee

Craiglist offers free listings for FSBO properties.

Service Package

Craigslist offers the chance to create a listing and post it on the right sub category and area within the platform. The platform offers an easy-to-use platform which allows users to list a home in a few simple steps, by simply clicking on “create a posting” and then selecting “real estate-by owner” as the sub-category. There are no other services that come with the listing other than the ability to edit the listing as and when you need to, and getting the listing in front of a large audience.

State Availability

Craigslist is available in every state nationwide.

Free site 4: Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace

Facebook has a marketplace where people can buy and sell almost anything, including a home. On Facebook Marketplace, FSBO sellers can target their audience according to certain areas and within specific groups. Currently, there are more than 100 million listings on the marketplace, however users need to be aware of scams and avoid these by taking the necessary precautions.

Listing Fee

There is NO charge for listing a property on Facebook Marketplace.

Service Package

The service provided by Facebook includes a listing that can use up to 50 photos and a property description. This listing can then be promoted on various groups and within certain areas on the social media channel. You can update or remove your listing at any point and negotiate with buyers via Messenger. However, it’s vital to protect your contact information, make sure you don’t open any links that are sent as a response to your listing and vet any potential buyers thoroughly.

State Availability

Facebook Marketplace is available in any state and any area.

Free site 5: Oodle Marketplace


Oodle is an online classifieds option where FSBO sellers can list homes for sale for free, in the real estate section. The platform offers home sellers exposure to a large market, but there is little to no protection from scammers.

Listing Fee

Oodle offers free listings on their platform.

Service Package

Oodle, much like other online classified websites, provides a straight-forward, easy-to-use platform for sellers. Oodle offers FSBO sellers the chance to list their property within a specific area and use both a description and photos. The risk with using Oodle is the exposure to scams, so it’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate each offer on the home, and don’t sign any documents related to the sale.

State Availability

Oodle is available in any state, across the country.

Which FSBO Website Is Best For Your Needs?

Choosing the best FSBO site for your needs depends on various factors, including your specific goals, budget, and the level of support you require. The key is to identify what you’re looking for in a platform, what your budget is, and how much support you’ll need along the way, based on your level of experience and your confidence in selling a home successfully.

Why Are Homeowners Choosing To List Their Properties On FSBO Websites?

There are a few key reasons that homeowners are choosing to list their properties on FSBO websites and these include:


  • Cost Savings: Using one of the best FSBO sites allows sellers to save money on real estate agent commissions, which can be 5-6% of the home’s sale price. Selling a home without using the services of real estate agents (for sale by owner) allows homeowners to keep a larger portion of the profit they make from the sale.
  • Control and Flexibility: Home sellers who use FSBO websites can enjoy a more direct level of control over their FSBO listing. From setting the listing price, to writing the description and negotiating with buyers, FSBO websites allow sellers to control the entire process. For some, this may be a welcome opportunity, and it allows for greater flexibility based on the audience’s response to the FSBO listing.
  • Digital Marketing: FSBO sites offer sellers a way to reach a wider audience, through online marketing tools. These tools are effective and efficient for marketing a home to potential buyers, particularly on the for sale by owner path.
  • Evolving Industry: The real estate landscape is evolving all the time, and using FSBO sites allows sellers to keep up with these changes by adapting their marketing strategy accordingly. This is a major drawcard for FSBO sellers who wish to highlight unique features, share personal insights and connect directly with buyers for their for sale by owner listing.

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