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Real Estate Investors Take Note – These 4 Trends Can Increase Your Project’s Value in 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the new year approaches, home design trends and buyer-wants are evolving. Many of the trends found in 2019 are making way for new styles and tastes as millennials become the dominating demographic of buyers. Real estate investors take note – the most influential interior trends of 2020 are focused on creating warm, richer spaces with more classic touches, and you should consider how to put these trends to work in your own properties and find buyers faster.

Real Estate Investing In 2020 and Beyond – A Look Inside Home Buyers and Sellers Minds

Reading Time: 3 minutes By the end of this year, millennials will number 73 million, a number larger than any other living adult population. It’s this generation that is expected to be the biggest driving force pushing the housing market forward in 2020. Large groups of millennials entering the market are now either purchasing their first home or trading up for bigger properties as their families expand. Millennials buyers will keep demand for homes robust next year, particularly for entry-level properties.

How To Vet And Hire The Right Real Estate Contractor

Reading Time: 3 minutes Choosing the right contractor for your fix and flip project is critical to its success. Hiring the wrong real estate contractor can seriously detriment your project and negatively affect deadlines. Second only to the investor, the contractor is the most essential part of the flipping process and directly impacts how profitable the project will be at the point of sale.

Maximizing Profits: Getting Better Fix & Flip Returns On Single-Family Homes

Reading Time: 3 minutes The growing collection of reality television fix and flip shows have made flipping a home and making good profits look easy as pie. But there is much more to getting positive returns than making some simple cosmetic fixes, doing a few DIY projects and raising the property’s curb appeal. Too many investors end up taking on a residential fix and flip project and focussing on design only, without paying attention to the basics that will maximize their returns.

Deal Detectors: Tactics for Finding A Fix & Flip Property

Reading Time: 3 minutes Location is often cited as the most important part of the puzzle for fix and flip investors, and picking the right one is an ongoing challenge for many. Fix and flip deals typically involve purchasing a property in a good area below its general market value, renovating it and reselling

Is 2019 A Good Time To Start A House Flipping Business Of Your Own?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Right Time Knowing the right time to launch a house flipping business can be difficult, but recent research could help assure budding entrepreneurs that 2019 is still favorable to get started. The recent report by AttomData, covered in Realtor Magazine, indicates that US house flipping rates have reached a

Breaking Down The Housing and Rental Market: Is 2019 A Good Time To Invest?

Reading Time: 3 minutes For investors who are interested in residential real estate, the recent markets have proven to be a solid investment. For many, investing in real estate can be an income game-changer, but getting the timing right couldn’t be more important.  How has 2019 treated the real estate market and is now

Neighborhood Know-How: Nailing Your Next Fix and Flip

Reading Time: 3 minutes Planning to remodel or fix and flip a property? No matter how well the build is executed, any fix and flip can be a stressful process for real estate entrepreneurs- budget management, a host of crew running around and having to make nonstop decisions about designs are only a few

Flip Your House Without Flopping: Trends And Cost-Saving Alternatives

Reading Time: 4 minutes Flipping a house is a big undertaking, but… real estate entrepreneurs who are in touch with what home buyers want will come out on top. The majority of homes flipped in 2018 took an average of 183 days to complete, an increase from an average of 179 days for homes