Carmel Woodman

Senior Content & PR Manager

Expertise: House Flipping, Rental Property Investing, Home Renovation, Blockchain Technology In Real Estate

Education: Marketing Communications, University of Kwazulu-Natal


  • 5 years’ experience as the Content Manager at a leading real estate platform in South Africa
  • Ghost writer for several Property Guides focused on purchasing real estate, getting financing and more
  • Written 200+ articles on various real estate topics – from blockchain to the real estate market and a variety of investing subjects
  • A key focus on writing consumer and investor educational content for 8+ years


Carmel Woodman’s journey through the real estate industry spans over 8 years, marked by significant roles at the helm of content divisions in two prominent companies. During her tenure at Private Property, a leading real estate platform in Africa, Carmel served as the Content Manager for five years. In this pivotal role, she orchestrated the creation of a diverse range of content, overseeing the production of material for the company’s online Advice Centre, property guides, and editing property books. Her focus on ensuring consumer education remained paramount showcasing her dedication to providing valuable insights to homebuyers in the African real estate market.

Transitioning to New Silver, a fintech startup in the real estate space, Carmel seamlessly continued her mission of educating real estate investors. Over the course of 2+ years, she delved into extensive research and content creation covering a spectrum of real estate investing topics, from house flipping to tax implications and the intricate world of blockchain technology. Drawing from her experience in producing content for an international stock broker, Carmel developed a knack for synthesizing statistics and providing insightful analyses that resonate with both consumers and investors.

Carmel’s multifaceted background has not only solidified her as a knowledgeable authority in the real estate industry but has also given her a nuanced understanding of decentralized finance. Now, she educates investors on real estate investing strategies and blockchain technology, intertwining her expertise in content creation with the complexities of this emerging field.



Carmel received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Media and Communications in 2008 from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

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Senior Content & PR Manager

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