Richard Stevens

Performance Marketing Manager

Expertise: House Flipping, Rental Property Investing, Real Estate Calculators, Real Estate Formulas

Education: University of Birmingham


  • Involved in multiple ground-up residential construction projects
  • Active rental property investor with a growing portfolio of DSCR properties
  • Specializes in building online calculators and tools for real estate investors
  • Currently leveraging real estate assets to increase net worth



Richard received his first taste of real estate investing after being outbid by an elderly lady for a quaint, semi-detached house in Harfield village in 2013. Despite this initial setback, a fortuitous exchange with a real estate agent led to the discovery of a ground up construction project within a mile of the house that was surrendered to the granny with deep pockets.

Using every capital source available at the time, he and his wife found a way to make the deposit and make vital upgrades to the building plans that would ultimately increase the after repair value of the home.

Since then, he has entered into several other ground up construction projects, focusing primarily on boutique security developments that have a demonstrable ability to increase in value over time. He is also an active landlord, with intentions of growing his rental portfolio over time.

At New Silver Lending, Richard is currently the Performance Marketing Manager, leveraging his knowledge of real estate investing and digital marketing to help grow the platform. He specializes in researching topics that appeal to real estate investors and discovering content clusters that are integrally connected to the property investors that use He also drives the development of real estate tools and calculators that provide detailed results in a user-friendly format.


Richard received his bachelor’s degree in Media & Cultural Studies from the University of Birmingham in 2009. He also completed a postgraduate diploma in Sports Marketing & Management from the University of Cape Town in 2010.

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Performance Marketing Manager

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