Elizabeth Welgemoed

Content Marketing Manager

Expertise: House Flipping, Wholesaling, Rental Investing, Real Estate Market Analysis

Education: Bachelor of Social Science, Monash South Africa


  • Senior Content Marketing Manager having written or edited over 1,000+ online articles
  • Published over 150 posts in the real estate vertical
  • 10+ Years in the content marketing field



During her time at New Silver, Elizabeth helped produce over 150 articles all focused on real estate investing in the US. Most of this content is geared towards small-to-medium sized US businesses that generate income through real estate investing. This includes:

  • House Flippers
  • Long Term Rental Property Investors
  • Short Term Rental Property Investors
  • Real Estate Wholesalers



Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Social Science degree from Monash South Africa in 2016. She has also completed multiple Udemy Academy Certificates in subjects including Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing and Talent Acquisition.


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Content Marketing Manager

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