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Buy House Now Or Wait Until 2021

Should You Buy A House Now Or Wait Until 2021?

With the current COVID-19 outbreak, many buyers are considering waiting until 2021 to buy a house and no one can blame them. The impending recession is a major concern for buyers and sellers and the real estate market will be affected. Whether you should buy a house now or wait

How To Raise Money for Real Estate Investing

How To Raise Money For Real Estate Investing

Finding the money to invest in real estate can be a challenge. Many investors make use of outside sources for funding like debt or equity and this is a common strategy in real estate investing. In fact, the majority of properties out there have been successfully purchased using outside funding,

How To Buy Foreclosed Homes In Florida

The state of Florida has consistently ranked as a highly profitable area for real estate investment. The median purchase price for a home in the Sunshine State was $139,658, but average resale prices reached $196,125. Great property deals can be found in the form of foreclosures – these homes will

How Much Money Do You Need To Flip A House Successfully?

For new investors, one of the most common questions is “How much does it cost to flip a house successfully?” The answer is usually not straightforward. Planning budgets for real estate projects can be overwhelming, as investors will need to consider and include many different variables. A property’s condition, the

How To Protect Your Tenants And Investments from COVID-19 As A Landlord

The world is facing new circumstances amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, and all industries have been affected as a result – including real estate and, by extension, rental properties. The spread of the coronavirus has caused lockdowns throughout the US and across the globe, impacting landlords and tenants alike. In

How To Create A House Flipping Business Plan

How To Create A Simple House Flipping Business Plan

Investing in residential real estate can be a profitable opportunity for investors who have the right house flipping business plans, partners and strategies in place. While many individuals find the passive investment income to be an absolute game-changer, achieving those results requires careful planning and preparation. Beyond that, timing and

COVID-19 and New Silver: How We Are Protecting Our Borrowers

The world has seen dramatic changes in the past few weeks, forcing businesses to reevaluate how they interact with each other, customers, partners and everyone else. COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that has infected over 250,000 people (as of time of publication) in 172 countries, causing the World Health Organization

The Best Cities To Flip Houses In 2020

Several real estate markets around the country are showing renewed investment promise for fix and flip investors looking for new opportunities. These markets are being fast-tracked by a combination of factors that investors should take note of when looking for their next ideal fix and flip investment. There are multiple

What Expenses Can I Deduct When Flipping A House?

This is not financial advice, always make sure to discuss with your tax professional before making any decisions. As a fix and flip investor, it is essential to understand which of your expenses can be deducted when filing your taxes. The expenses you deduct can and will have a direct