How Much Does A New Fence Add To Your Home Value?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

You want top dollar for the home you’re selling – who doesn’t? But buyers look at a lot of facts and figures including whether the home has a fence. 

So does a new fence add to your home value? 

It depends. In many areas, it’s a resounding ‘yes.’ In other areas, though, it depends. Fences may even take away from a home’s value in some areas.

Does A Fence Add To Your Home’s Value?

If the fence adds a purpose or adds to the home’s exterior appeal, it will add to the home’s value. Will you see a dollar-for-dollar return on your investment? 

Probably not.

But, you’ll see a decent return and if you got some use out of the fence yourself, it is likely worth it. 

How much value a fence adds depends on the type and the area you live in. Is a fence highly desirable in your area? Then the fence will likely add value. If you live in a remote area where a fence doesn’t serve much of a purpose, though, it won’t.

When Does A Fence Not Add To Your Home’s Value?

If the home is in a high-end area where fences are not normal or needed, it could take away from the home’s curb appeal and value. 

In these situations, a fence is only a good value if there’s a reason for it. For example, if the home is near a highway or railroad tracks, a fence would provide value. If it doesn’t block a nuisance or add to the property’s beauty, don’t do it.

Reasons To Add A Fence That Increase Buyer Appeal

Assuming the property is in an area that normally has fencing, consider the reasons to add one for buyer appeal:

  • Curb appeal – Some properties look better with a fence. Whether all the neighbors have one or you can add a fence that adds to the property’s appeal, such as a wrought iron fence, consider it if it will add to your property’s value.
  • Privacy – Some properties need a fence for privacy. If the area allows it (especially associations) consider a higher fence that allows for plenty of privacy from surrounding neighbors, roads, or other nuisances.
  • Peace – Some buyers want a fence to create their own safe haven. It just feels homier and more peaceful when they have their own area without worrying about getting into the neighbor’s property.
  • Protection – Fences often add protection. Whether they are to keep kids or pets in the yard or wild animals (or even other children) out of the yard. For example, if the property has a pool, a fence is a necessity for security purposes.

Things To Consider Before Selling Your Home With A Fence

If you’re selling a home with a fence, consider the following:

  • Make sure it’s in good shape. Is the fence in perfect shape? Are all posts secure? Are there any faded areas or other visual issues that would bother buyers?
  • Is the fence a good color? Ask your real estate agent about the latest trends (the fads change) and see what you can do to make your fence that color. The trendier the property is, the more buyers you’ll attract.
  • Avoid chain link fences. Unless it’s the absolute norm for the area, skip it. They often take away from a property’s value and push buyers away.
  • Make sure it adds to the curb appeal. If the fence takes away from the property’s beauty at all, don’t add one, or if you have one remove it. Today, it’s all about curb appeal.

Can a new fence add to your property value? It can. How much depends on a large number of factors. The key is that the fence is the norm for the area, looks good, and services a purpose. In the wrong area, a fence can take away from a property’s beauty, but in the right area, it can create a sense of peace, security, and value.