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Need funding fast? Look no further than New Silver. New Silver can provide for all of your hard money loan needs in the state of Florida. 

New Silver has a variety of different hard money loan products available to suit every Florida real estate investor’s needs. Run by a team of experienced real estate professionals, our loans are designed with the real estate investor in mind.

Florida Hard Money Loans

​Getting a traditional loan is a slow, drawn-out and exhausting process. With New Silver, hard money lender for the real estate economy, efficiency is always a top priority. From fix and flip to fix and rent, refinance and ground-up loans, our team of experienced real estate experts are available to get you funded and assist you with any hiccups that may come up along the way.

New Silver is unlike other hard money lenders out there. As real estate pros ourselves, we know what real estate investors need: quick and easy online applications, terms of up to twenty-four months and most of all, fast loan closing and attractive rates. At New Silver, we specialize in single-family residential, but can also cater to multi-family and commercial projects. Contact our experienced team today to find the best loan fit for your next real estate project.

Loan Programs

Fix and Flip Loans

For real estate investors who want to borrow funds to renovate and resell a property in Florida. Interest starting at 9.75%, LTC up to 90%, with a 12-month term.

Rental Property Loans

30 year loan for stabilized rental properties. Ideal for investors hoping to purchase or refinance a rental home. Interest starting at 5.3%, up to 80% LTV.

Refinance and Cash Out Loans

For FL real estate investors who want to get their equity cash out. Interest starting at 9.75%, LTV up to 80%, with a 24-month maximum term

Ground Up Loans

For FL real estate investors who want to cash out available equity. Interest starting at 9.75%, LTV up to 85%, with a 12-month maximum term.

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