30-Year Rental Property Loans

Get approved in less than 5 minutes with instant term sheet + proof of funds

  • Interest rates from 7.5%
  • 30-year fixed rate
  • Loan-to-Value up to 80%
  • No income verification
  • Get approved online in 5 minutes
  • Instant proof of funds letter
  • Instant term sheet
  • FICO 680+
  • Discounts for repeat borrowers
  • Get up to $2,000,000

Loan Products

Our 30-year rental property loans are designed for buy-and-hold investors who need quick access to capital at competitive rates. The entire application process can be completed online, in less than 5 minutes. The following real estate loans are also available:



Funds for purchase + rehab or refinance + rehab

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 10 - 12.75%

Origination fee 1.875%

Loan-to-Value up to 80%



30-year fixed product for stabilized properties

Get up to $2,000,000

Interest rate from 7.5%

Origination fee 2-3%

Loan-to-Value up to 80%


Ground Up

Construction loans for residential builders

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 10 - 13.25%

Origination fee from 1.875%

Loan-to-Cost up to 90%



Unsecured personal loan marketplace

Get up to $100,000

Starting at 7%% APR

No collateral required

Compare many lenders

You'll be in good company

Chuck Burke
Chuck Burke
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I rehabilitated a home in central Florida. Alex and his team did exactly what they said they would do in our agreement. The ease of movement throughout the rehab made it possible to complete it in minimum time and capture a nice profit! I will use New Silver on as many rehabs as I can!
Alexzandra Hieronymus
Alexzandra Hieronymus
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What an amazing experience! I cannot recommend New Silver enough. They came into a deal that another lender totally screwed up and managed to close it in 14 days! They went above and beyond to get an appraiser out within days and were on everyone to get my deal closed. I cannot wait to work with them again.

Why Choose New Silver


Quick Application Process

The 100% online application is short and simple. It can be completed in 5 minutes or less.


Instant Proof of Funds Letter

After completing the application you will be issued with an immediate proof of funds letter.


Competitive Interest Rates

Our 30-year rental property loans offer competitive interest rates, starting from 7.5%.


Discounts for repeat borrowers

Get steep discounts on origination fees and interest rates for continuing to work with us.