30-Year Rental Property Loans

Get approved in less than 5 minutes with instant term sheet + proof of funds

  • Interest rates from 7.5%
  • 30-year fixed rate
  • Loan-to-Value up to 80%
  • No income verification
  • Get approved online in 5 minutes
  • Instant proof of funds letter
  • Instant term sheet
  • FICO 660+
  • Discounts for repeat borrowers
  • Get up to $3,000,000

Loan Products

Our 30-year rental property loans are designed for buy-and-hold investors who need quick access to capital at competitive rates. The entire application process can be completed online, in less than 5 minutes. The following real estate loans are also available:



Funds for purchase + rehab or refinance + rehab

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 10 - 12.75%

Origination fee 1.875%

Loan-to-Value up to 80%



30-year fixed product for stabilized properties

Get up to $3,000,000

Interest rate from 7.5%

Origination fee 2-3%

Loan-to-Value up to 80%


Ground Up

Construction loans for residential builders

Get up to $5,000,000

Interest rate 10 - 13.25%

Origination fee from 1.875%

Loan-to-Cost up to 90%

You'll be in good company

Why Choose New Silver


Quick Application Process

The 100% online application is short and simple. It can be completed in 5 minutes or less.


Term Sheet

Your term sheet is generated instantly during the loan application process.


Competitive Interest Rates

Our 30-year rental property loans offer competitive interest rates, starting from 7.5%.


Discounts for repeat borrowers

Get steep discounts on origination fees and interest rates for continuing to work with us.