Real Estate Investors Take Note – These 4 Trends Can Increase Your Project’s Value in 2020

January 30, 2024

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As the new year approaches, home design trends and buyer-wants are evolving. Many of the trends found in 2019 are making way for new styles and tastes as millennials become the dominating demographic of buyers. Real estate investors take note – the most influential interior trends of 2020 are focused on creating warm, richer spaces with more classic touches, and you should consider how to put these trends to work in your own properties and find buyers faster.

Interior design trends for 2020

Lighting Is Everything

Having bright spaces with lots of natural lighting is a trend that will continue to be popular from 2019 going into 2020. Lighting in a property is very important, as it can significantly change how a room is perceived by potential buyers. By having lots of natural lighting you can enhance the home’s features by making it seem larger and more inviting during viewings or show days. Darker rooms with little natural lighting can feel cramped by contrast and are an immediate turn-off to buyers.

If there is little natural light in your property, and you’re not willing to install new windows, try installing modern lights with warmer hues instead. Other more affordable ways to bring light into a room is to install lighter curtains or blinds and adding mirrors to the walls.


Dark Trims and Accents

Rooms done in a variety of greys were a big trend in the last two years, and this is about to change. While grey color palettes will be out in 2020, dark trims and accent features will become a big trend with buyers. We can expect more black to be used in interiors, for fixtures, and as accent walls for the foreseeable future. Paired with these darker features will be contrasting warmer colors to add character to spaces, including rich, warmer tones like golds and oranges. 

Investors can get this look for cheaper by painting doors in dark shades and changing knobs or door handles with bright metals for contrast. Painting an accent wall completely black can be a pretty big commitment – so try painting the room’s trim in black instead and keeping the walls more neutral.


In the Kitchen

There are some major trend changes that are coming to the most important room of the home. Kitchens are going to be seeing a more affordable renewal this upcoming year.  Granite countertops, a big kitchen favorite of 2019, will be a thing of the past; the majority of buyers don’t want to do extra work to maintain the stone. Instead, real estate investors should consider using quartz countertops as an alternative – it can mimic marble in appearance but with the benefit of more durability. 

Another trend on the way out is using classic subway tiles for backsplashes and walls. The idea of the all-white kitchen has been decreasing in popularity and will be very outdated in 2020. Tiles in warmer colors, interesting textures and organic shapes will take centre stage instead, and you should consider how you can use warmer-toned tiles to make a kitchen cozier.



Getting Creative With Space

Until recently, having homes with vast open designs and shared spaces were popular, but 2020 trends indicate a new direction. Big open-plan designs can give the idea of a bigger-sized home, but buyers are turning to more traditional room dividing ideas to make more intimate spaces. A more affordable way to add these spaces is by adding little nooks throughout the property. This is a winning strategy for investors who have open-plan properties – creating small reading or breakfast nooks is ideal and will represent the trend well. In terms of materials used throughout the home, wood is predicted to be the most popularly used in 2020.


Although home trends change slower than fashion, there are definitive trends which affect how quickly a property sells. Many of these trends can easily be implemented by real estate investors in their own properties affordably. From darker accents to cozier spaces, minimalism is on the way out as buyers turn to richer, more intimate designs. Real estate investors should make use of these trends in their investments to attract buyers to their homes.

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