Real Estate Entrepreneur Kirill Bensonoff Shares Experience & Insights in New Book to Build Wealth with Innovative, Disruptive Industry Tactics

January 30, 2024

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Recently published e-book “Achieving Wealth Through Real Estate: A Definitive Guide To Controlling Your Own Financial Destiny Through a Successful Real Estate Business” guides readers on all aspects of starting their own real estate business.

Successful real estate investor and serial tech entrepreneur Kirill Bensonoff has published a new book, now available on Amazon, that breaks down the barriers of starting a real estate business from scratch. Achieving Wealth Through Real Estate: A Definitive Guide To Controlling Your Own Financial Destiny Through a Successful Real Estate Business is an all-in-one, succinct real estate business course for those new to the industry, and for those seeking to refresh their knowledge of best practices. Using this book as a guide, the reader will learn how to profit from real estate ownership.

Bensonoff started his career as a tech entrepreneur and has multiple prior successful exits in the same sector. He is also an experienced real estate investor and currently serves as Chief Product Officer at New Silver, a tech-oriented loan originator dedicated to bringing private lending into the future. 

Discussing his reasons for writing the book, Bensonoff highlighted the performance of the American real estate market over the past few years, stating that as young professionals feel the pressure of a tightening economy they will turn to real estate to earn additional income.  In the past year, the number of individuals buying their first home increased to over 30%, of which the majority are millennials.

Readers of Achieving Wealth Through Real Estate will gain access to tips and tricks known only to experts, acquiring knowledge about how to legally structure a business, deal with property taxes, how to find financing and other essentials. Bensonoff also shares advice based on his technology background, and how to apply it to real estate.

For Bensonoff, younger real estate investors are the key to renewing the real estate market. His book is targeted at these investors, laying out everything they need to know in an easy-to-understand way.

Bensonoff’s experience in both the tech and real estate industries gives him a unique approach, which takes centre stage throughout the book which features various tech-based strategies and tools to help the reader outperform their competition. Achieving Wealth Through Real Estate is also available through his website,

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