New Silver Hard Money Lender Launches ‘Ground Up Construction’ Product, Expands Opportunities for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

December 2, 2021

Data-driven hard money lender expands financing solutions for real estate entrepreneurs with new loan product to service residential builders across the U.S. 

New Loan Product: “Ground Up Construction”

HARTFORD, CONN. JULY 31st, 2019 — New Silver, the hard money lender for the real estate economy, has recently announced the launch of a new loan product, “Ground Up Construction”, for residential builders. New Silver is an established loan provider creating new and exciting innovation in the hard money space, helping real estate investors get quick access to capital. Using a technology-driven platform to offer short-term loans, New Silver has instant online applications, fast closing and terms up to 24 months for real estate entrepreneurs. The Ground Up Construction product offers loans for $200,000 or more for real estate entrepreneurs building residential condominiums and townhomes and multi-family homes.

“While fix and flips are booming as a profitable venture for real estate entrepreneurs, New Silver strives to meet the demands as well as create new opportunities for any type of residential property investment that real estate entrepreneurs wish to pursue. Adding an option for entrepreneurs to also build from the ground up, working with our current frictionless and efficient process, was a natural next step in our evolution of loan products. We focus on building solutions to empower real estate entrepreneurs to create more opportunities to build their own wealth and are excited to offer this in the markets that we serve,” said Alex Shvayetsky, partner, New Silver.

New Silver provides best in class service to real estate entrepreneurs in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and most recently, New York and New Jersey. “While regions like New York are one of the top metros in which completed flips sold to all-cash buyers, and New Jersey has emerged as a fix and flip hotspot for real estate investments, the opportunity for construction from the ground up is one sought after in every state and we’re excited to support residential builders with the financing they need to get to work,” said Shvayetsky. 

New Silver has a track record of working with recurring clients, like J.W., a real estate entrepreneur, who recently shared this testimonial: 

“The New Silver team have been a vital asset to our business. They have given a new business, new to the industry, stellar guidance and have truly displayed the team mentality. They have a very efficient process start to finish and have proven that one of the best decisions we’ve made is partnering with New Silver!” 


New Silver offers a variety of loan products to real estate entrepreneurs, including ground-up construction, fix and flip loans, fix and rent loans, bridge loans and cash-out refinance loans. With New Silver, entrepreneurs can put their trust in over twenty years of data-driven real estate experience. Catering to both single and multi-family residential properties as well as small balance commercial properties, New Silver can help entrepreneurs fund their next real estate project quickly.

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About New Silver

Getting a hard money loan can be a lengthy and difficult process. That’s why we created New Silver – hard money lending with the real estate entrepreneur in mind. At New Silver, we bring over 20 years of combined real estate lending and investing experience, combined with technological know-how, painless application, underwriting and drawing processes. Apply for your New Silver loan today!

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