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How To Flip Houses In Connecticut

How To Flip Houses In Connecticut

Although it isn’t the biggest state with a population of approximately 3,565,00 people, Connecticut has become increasingly popular with real estate investors. Famous for its scenic coastlines, breathtaking lakes, amazing foliage in the fall and the invention of the modern day hamburger, this particular state is filled with unique opportunities

Three Compelling Reasons to Fix and Flip Real Estate in Connecticut

In recent times, the property market may have slowed down, but real estate investors located in Connecticut can look forward to better times just around the bend. In the state of Connecticut, the average home is estimated to be worth $263,752 with the majority of these properties being single-family residential

5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Hard Money Loan in CT and MA

For the majority of real estate investors, finding the needed capital for a property can be a genuine nightmare – slow loan application processes, costly intermediaries and other problems are enough to render anyone frustrated with the loan process! These problems are driving property investors to search for new and