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Close your fix and flip, fix and rent, cash out refi or bridge loan in under 7 days

Loans in Rhode Island closed within 7 days using New Silver’s easy online application

Looking for financing? Look no further than New Silver. With New Silver, real estate investors can rest assured that your financing will be guaranteed to close after approval.

Your next fix and flip doesn’t have to be a flop! New Silver provides a variety of loan products to real estate investors across the state of Rhode Island. With a 5 minute online application, New Silver is your go to lending partner.

Rhode Island Hard Money Loans

From fix and flip to fix and rent, bridge and cash-out refi- we have it all and our team of experienced real estate experts are available to get you funded and assist you through the entire loan process. Unlike our competitors, New Silver offers loan terms up to twenty four months, final approval and underwriting within a week and painless online loan applications. Say goodbye to those mountains of paperwork!

New Silver believes in no-nonsense funding, and specializes in residential single-family homes, but also has options available for multi-family and commercial projects. Every financing deal is unique to us and evaluated on an individual basis to give real estate investors more flexibility. 

Our hard money loan processes are known for simple application processes and quick turnaround times. Reach out to our team of experienced real estate and hard money lending professionals to find the best loan fit for your project.

Loan Programs
Fix and Flip Loans

For real estate investors who want to borrow funds to renovate and resell a property in Rhode Island. Interest starting at 9.75%, LTC up to 90%, with a 12 month term.

Rental Property Loans

30 year loan for stabilized rental properties. Ideal for investors hoping to purchase or refinance a rental home. Interest starting at 5.3%, up to 80% LTV.

Ground Up Construction Loans​​

For Rhode Island real estate investors who want to build new structures. Interest starting at 9.75%, LTV up to 80%, up to 100% construction financing

Refinance with Cash Out Loans​

For RI real estate investors who want to cash out available equity. Interest starting at 9.75%, LTV up to 80%, with a 24 month maximum term.

New Silver Loans Available In These and Other Cities:

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