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Need financing for your next real estate investment project? New Silver is helping New York real estate investors close faster and earn more.

New Silver has a variety of loan options available to NYC investors, from fix and flip to fix and rent, cash out refi and bridge. Who could ask for more? Find your funding with New Silver- it’s less than a five minute, online application away.

New York Hard Money Loans

New Silver helps real estate entrepreneurs build. Our selection of loan products is made with the entrepreneur in mind – from fix and flip to fix and rent, ground up and cash-out refi, we have it all. With New Silver, there is no need to doubt the state and dependability of your next project’s capital, with guaranteed closing upon approval. We can help with a residential or a commercial project. And did we mention this process takes less than a week?

New Silver offers no-nonsense funding with loan terms up to twenty-four months, final approval and underwriting within a week and easy, paper-free online loan applications. Our hard money loan processes are known for simple application processes and quick turnaround times. Get your very own New Silver today.

Loan Programs

Fix and Flip Loans

For real estate investors who want to borrow funds to renovate and resell a property in New York. Interest starting at 9.75%, LTC up to 90%, with a 12 month term.

Rental Property Loans

30 year loan for stabilized rental properties. Ideal for investors hoping to purchase or refinance a rental home. Interest starting at 5.3%, up to 80% LTV.

Ground Up Construction Loans​​

For NY real estate investors who want to build new structures. Interest starting at 9.75%, LTV up to 80%, up to 100% construction financing

Refinance and Cash Out Loans

For New York real estate investors who want to cash out available equity. Interest starting at 9.75%, LTV up to 80%, with a 24 month maximum term.

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