Fix and Flip Loans Massachusetts

Fast and Easy Hard Money Loans in MA

Need financing for your real estate project? Get approved for a fix and flip loan from New Silver in under 10 minutes.

New Silver can be the perfect partner for Fix and Flip Loans in Massachusetts. Our real estate team consists of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and hard money loan professionals ready to get you approved and funded as fast as possible.

Our hassle-free application process and instant proof of funds letter will help you close the deal quickly. Apply for your fix and flip loan with New Silver today, and make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to make a profitable flip.

Please note, if you have any questions on how to get started with your loan, have a look at our simple guideline here.

4 Reasons To Fund Your Flip with New Silver

1. Quick and easy application

Our application process is quick, simple and easy to complete. It only takes 10 minutes for your fix and flip loan application to be approved.

2. Fast Loan Closing

Unlike more traditional lenders that can take weeks to close the loan, we are able to complete the process in a few short days.

3. Attractive Interest Rates

Our interest rates start at 9.75%, and the origination fee from 1.75%. We offer up to 90% loan to purchase price, with loan terms up to 24 months.

4. Residential and Multi-Family

It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a single family home or multi-family complex. We provide fix and flip loans for both types of properties.

Massachusetts Home Flipping Stats

Median Purchase Price


Median Resale Price


Average Profit


Total House Flips In 2019


Population Size


Median Household Income


High School Graduation Rate


Average Travel Time To Work

29.7 Mins

Fix and Flip Loan Details
Renovate, rehab and resell your property
Interest Rate
from 9.75%
Origination Fee
from 1.75%
Loan To Purchase Price
up to 90%
Construction Financing
up to 100%
Loan To ARV
up to 75%
up to 24 months
Type of Property
Residential 1-4 units, multi-family
Maximum Loan Amount
Minimum Loan Amount
Minimum FICO
Interest Only Payments
No Previous Fix and Flip Experience Required
No Junk Fees
Instant Proof of Funds Letter

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