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New Silver Flip Highlight: Westport, Connecticut

It’s not every day that a fix and flip investor finds a gem like this property located in Westport, Connecticut. With incredible views, classic features, and based in a popular coastal neighborhood, this older home showed great potential. New Silver recently financed this property and the fix and flip project, and here are the results.

Westport, CT is a small town with a population of just under 30,000. The median price of real estate in this affluent town is $1.1mm because the town is less than an hour commute from the busy financial hub of Manhattan. Investor’s dream is a 3,850 sq. ft property, which was built during the 1980s and had fallen into some disrepair. The contemporary building has waterfront views of the Saugatuck Shores and boasts three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and a number of other rooms like a sunroom, office, and more. The home also features some sought-after classics like hardwood flooring, built-in closets, and a deck area.

The Fix

A subsequent inspection of the property found that repairs were needed to windows, that the pool would have to be redone and that landscaping and deck refinishing would be needed. Prior to purchasing the property, investor’s biggest challenge was finding reliable funding fast enough to close the deal first. Property renovations were successfully completed, mostly concerned with cosmetic changes and repairs, rather than major structural changes. Following this project, investor plans to pursue further residential flipping projects in 2020.

Address 36 Harbor Road, Westport Connecticut

Strategy Fix and Flip

Loan Amount $1,144,000

Terms 12 months

LTV (Loan To Value) 56%

ARV (After Repair Value) $2,225,000

”Excellent relationship with Alex through the entire project. I highly recommend New Silver to anyone interested in working with him.”

Laurie Calyanis
Real estate investor